Veritas supports and upholds the Catholic and Mercy values and purpose of the College through an academically rigorous curriculum.

Integrating the subject areas of Religious Education and Humanities, Veritas develops critical thinking and promotes intellectual curiosity and analysis. Students are encouraged to engage in classroom activities and assessment, while always seeking the truth. Veritas themes extend into other subject areas in an interdisciplinary approach to deeper learning.


What are some areas explored in this subject?
1. Veritas includes learning in the areas of Religious Education and Humanities.

2. You will explore how you belong at Catherine McAuley College (CMC). You will share your own personal stories and learn more about CMC from present to past, including the story of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy.

3. You will move on to studies where you begin to look at connection to country, learning from First Nations people and practices.

4. We delve into the ancient world and civilisations past and, finally, we celebrate our own unique selves and the diversity of others. We value each other, our local community and beyond.
What are the real-world and hands-on-learning opportunities?
You will experience: liturgical connections such as a Smoking Ceremony; field trip to the Bendigo Creek; Encounter Day; Community in Action Program.

How often will I have this class?
You will have Veritas for five periods per week.

What else will we do in Veritas?
Prayer, liturgies and masses are part of the Veritas curriculum, as well as links to contemporary issues and events. Social-emotional learning and intentional pastoral care experiences and connections will also be integrated into the Veritas curriculum.