The study of agriculture allows students to develop a greater understanding of sustainable farming practices and various agricultural industries.

The program provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration, resilience and self confidence. Students undertake group projects to enhance research and presentation skills. Areas for investigation include: Careers in Agriculture, Sustainability, Soil, Animals on the Farm, ‘Got Milk’, ‘Life of Bees’, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) and Technological Applications in Agriculture.


What are some areas explored in this subject?
1. Agriculture explores areas and themes related to sustainable farming practices and agricultural industries, as well as the general care and maintenance of animals.

2. Students have the opportunity to develop skills like collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

3. Learning in Agriculture also connects to the College theme and reGEN principles of sustainability.
What are the real-world learning opportunities?
Students are provided with opportunities to learn about the critically-important role that agriculture and horticulture play in our lives and its place within our school, local and global communities.
What will be hands on?
The program will provide opportunities for hands-on learning in various aspects of agriculture, horticulture and the care and maintenance of animals.
How often will I have this class?
Agriculture is allocated of three periods per week for one semester of learning, either at Year 7 or Year 8. These will be timetabled in the Trade Training Centre facility. In Year 9 Agriculture become a student-chosen elective subject and runs for one semester of four periods per week.