Starting at CMC

Is there a canteen?
Yes - it is open every day and serves plenty of healthy food, with hot and cold items available at Breaks 1 and 2.
What if I don’t know anyone – how will I make new friends?
When you start Year 7, you will join students coming from about 40 different primary schools so EVERYONE is keen to make new friends. There will be plenty of ‘getting to know you’ activities and camp is a great opportunity to make new friends. You will have many of your classes with the same people, another good way to get to know other Year 7 students.
Who do I ask if I am not sure about something?
Every student will have a Student Advocate, a teacher who will help you with any questions about classes and school life. You can also ask any teacher for help or ask a Year 8 or 9 student. At break times, there are teachers around the grounds and you can also go to the office and ask the friendly staff there.


How long are you away at camp?
Year 7 Camp is three days and two nights.


What sports can I play?
Our College competes in: swimming, cricket, tennis, volleyball, lawn bowls, golf, cross country, athletics, football (soccer), netball, badminton, table tennis, football (AFL), hockey, basketball, cycling and trapshooting.
How do I find out about sports tryouts?
You will have a log in to ‘Simon’ (our Learning Management System) where you can check the Daily Messages for tryouts and other events and activities.


What instruments can I learn?
In the free instrumental music lessons in Year 7 you can choose from flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium or percussion. (Guitar, piano and voice lessons are also available but there is a tuition fee for these.)

Student Voice

How can I become a student leader?
Each year level has members on the Student Representative Council (SRC). Your Year Level Leaders will let you know when and how to apply to be a student leader.
Can you join the SRC if you haven’t been a leader before?
Yes - you will have support and training to be a leader and build your leadership skills during your six years at CMC.