In Year 7 English, students will develop the skills of reading and viewing, writing, speaking and listening through explicit teaching of specific skills, developed through a range of tasks connected to real-world themes and issues.

Students are encouraged to become critical thinkers who can analyse and justify ideas or opinions, as they engage with news media and studies of picture storybooks, film and novels across a variety of genres. Students present their learning and analysis in a variety of ways, including the written form and oral presentations. Additionally, students participate in the Renaissance Reading Program, where progress in reading comprehension is measured, as daily reading forms a key component of the class routine.


What are some areas explored in this subject?
1. Through novel and film studies, you will explore how visual and written texts are constructed, and how author and director choices create meaning and impact their audience.
2. You will learn the importance of language choices in communication and how this impacts the audience.

What are the real-world learning opportunities?
1. The selection of texts will allow you to engage with the world around you. Our texts at Year 7 level focus on relationships, culture, environment and imagination.
2. The skills you learn in English will be lifelong. You will apply the skills you learn in English to many other situations and learning areas – whether it be how to read any text to find a main idea and key information, or how to check the trustworthiness of information.
What will be hands on?
Your English lessons will involve a variety of learning approaches that include both group tasks and independent learning. You will at times use technology and participate in class discussion.
How often will I have English classes?
There are five periods per week of English. Once a fortnight, one of these lessons will be used to visit the library where you will be able to select new books, engage in library activities and learn how our library can support you in all areas of your learning.
How does English link with other subjects?
The subject English links to many of your learning areas, including Humanities and Religious Education. You will find there are many themes and ‘big ideas’ that connect across a variety of subjects to help you better understand the topics you are exploring.