In Year 7 Health and Physical Education students develop and refine movement skills across a range of sporting environments, including individual and team-based sports.

Students also participate in a variety of recreational activities to enhance interpersonal, leadership and teamwork skills. The theoretical component of Health and Physical Education provides students with opportunities to investigate healthy decision making, harm minimisation, fitness and adolescent health, along with social and emotional wellbeing.


What are some areas explored in this subject?
Students in Health and Physical Education explore the concepts of healthy lifestyle choices, alcohol and other drugs, personal identity and change, fitness and training and personal safety.

What are the real-world learning opportunities?
Students develop key knowledge and skills to enable them to make informed decisions to enhance health and wellbeing. They participate in a wide variety of sports and recreational activities, assisting them to be able to lead physically active lives into the future.
How many practical physical education classes will we have?
Students engage in a double period of practical Physical Education per week.

How often will I have this class?
Students complete four periods of Health and Physical Education per week. This is comprised of two theory-based Health lessons and a double lesson of practical-based Physical Education.