In Year 7, students will explore the various strands of Humanities including Civics and Citizenship, Geography, History, and Business and Economics.

Humanities provides an opportunity for students to examine the complexities that have shaped the modern world and to investigate responses to the various challenges we are presented with in the 21st century.

In Civics & Citizenship and Business & Economics, students explore the systems that shape society, with a focus on political and economic systems. Students learn about democracy, how they can contribute to society as active, informed and responsible citizens.

In History and Geography, students explore the processes that have and continue to shape different societies and cultures. They learn to appreciate the common humanity shared across time and distance. Students evaluate the ways in which humans face different challenges as an interconnected, global society.



What are some areas explored in this subject?
The Humanities at Year 7 consists of four strands: History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, and Business and Economics. Some of the topics you will learn about will include:
• The Australian Government and the Constitution
• Water in the World
• Place and Liveability
• Ancient History: Rome and Egypt
• Australian First Nations history
• Consumer and Financial literacy
What are the real-world learning opportunities?
In Humanities, you will undertake a variety of learning activities that have connections to the ‘real world’. These will include case studies, field work, research assignments, and debate, just to name a few. These different types of learning experiences will equip you with a better understanding of how to navigate the world around you.
What will be hands on?
The Humanities isn’t just textbook learning! In addition to the variety of learning experiences in the classroom, which are both collaborative and independent, beyond the classroom you will attend an excursion to the Bendigo Tech School to learn about Liveability and engage in field work as part of your Geography studies.
How often will I have Humanities classes?
You will have four periods of Humanities per week.
How does Humanities link with other subjects?
The beauty of the Humanities is that it links with all other areas of learning. The Humanities is about human experience and how we interact with the world around us. For example, Business and Economics is real-world application of mathematics. Geography has strong connections with Science, particularly when learning about the environment and water systems. The study of History can assist with understanding the role of religion in society, and Civics and Citizenship can help you to be an active participant of our school and broader community.