Focusing on an approach that builds an appreciation for mathematical concepts, students engage in activities that emphasise the use of mathematics in everyday life.

During first semester, Year 7 Mathematics focuses on the topics of Area, Surface Area, Ratios, Unit Rates, Percentages, Fractions and Chance. During second semester the focus is on Arithmetic, Equations, Rational numbers, Data sets and distributions.


What are some areas explored in this subject?
During Year 7 students engage with key topics such as Area, Ratios, Percentages, Fractions, Equations and Statistics. We have a focus on understanding the maths behind each topic and where formulas come from, rather than just memorising them.
What are the real-world learning opportunities?
All of our skill development is focused on real-life context. This means that right from the beginning of each topic you will explore how you will use these skills in your life. You will never again be tempted to ask “When will I ever use this?”
What will be hands on?
We often use manipulatives, card sorts and measuring tools such as stop watches, rulers and protractors. We also have a focus on communication and collaboration, so you will have lots of opportunities to discuss your understanding of maths with your peers.
How often will I have Mathematics classes?
There are five periods of Maths per week.